We offer a full and complete range of services to handle the entire process from the order to the unloading.
The Entry Process - guide you through hundreds of pages of Customs regulations and thousands of items to get your shipments to you in a timely manner.

Special Trade Programs - we are well versed in all the Special Trade Programs which we will implement in order to lower your Customs duty and bond.

Country of Origin and Marketing - we ensure correct marking before your shipment leaves the country of origin to avoid destruction or return.

Intellectual Property Rights - we work directly with the US Treasury Department to protect your copyrighted and patented items.

Classification of Imports - using the Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the United States we will ensure the correct classification.

Customs Valuation - by working along side your attorney we can guarantee the correct valuation on your shipment.

Duty Minimization Programs - our staff is well versed in the
ever changing Free Trade Association's regulations.

Power of Attorney - we can supply you with the the correct
form whether for an individual, partnership or corporation.
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Carole C. Leland, Custom House Broker
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